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As a controlled school within the South Eastern Education and Library Board (SEELB) we are inspected regularly by the Department of Education, ensuring quality of provision.
We refer to many documents as we continually seek to deliver a quality curriculum for the children who choose to come to Kings Road.
These include:-

  • “Curricular Guidance for pre-School Education” CCEA 2006
  • “Together Towards Improvement: a process for self-evaluation pre-school education”. The Education and Training Inspectorate 2004
  • Improvement through self – evaluation, pre-school education DVD. The Education and Training Inspectorate 2003.

The staff team partakes of local cluster training sessions during the year with fellow SEELB colleagues.

“There is no place at this stage for the introduction of formal schooling in the sense of an established body of knowledge to be acquired, or a set of skills to be mastered”.
Nursery Education Guidelines “the curriculum” NICC 1989

The term “curriculum” is used to describe the planned experiences, which we provide for the children at King’s Road Nursery School.
We aim to provide your children with a broad and balanced set of activities and experiences, which are age appropriate; that motivate, challenge and stimulate and that allow the children to progress at their own rate. Although the children will experience the nursery curriculum entirely through play these activities have been designed to promote your child’s growth in the following key areas.

1. Personal, social and emotional development
2. Physical development and movement
3. The Arts
4. Language development
5. Early mathematical experiences
6. The world around us

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