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StorySack library

Learning together – StorySack Lending library 

We believe that a regular story time is every child’s right and are delighted that we have a wonderful lending library of StorySacks to offer you on a weekly basis. These have been funded through the Extended Schools Initiative. Each sack retails from between £50 and £80 and we have enough for each child to enjoy their own StorySack each week. We trust that you will enjoy sharing this experience TOGETHER. So that the whole school community can continue to benefit from the library, we ask that you treat them with care and return intact. Each child will be given a StorySack on a Thursday morning for you to enjoy over the weekend, we ask you to return these on a MONDAY MORNING.

What is a story sack? It is a large cloth bag containing a good quality picture book with supporting materials to stimulate and create an interest in books. To bring the book to life, soft toys of the main character, props relating to items in the story, a non-fiction book relating to the theme or an audio tape or CD may be included.

The aim of a StorySack is to give you, the parent, more confidence to enjoy books and reading together with your child, thus creating a combined learning experience. Not every one finds it easy to read stories, but with the supporting materials, a StorySack offers you the chance to successfully share books on a variety of levels. Each item has been carefully chosen to offer a multi sensory approach and will make reading fun for both parents and children. We trust that using StorySacks during your time at Kings Road, will help develop and improve your child’s pre-reading skills and encourage a life long love of reading. By using these resources together, you will be providing opportunities for your child to listen to good stories, be read aloud to, talk and extend vocabulary, extend general knowledge, develop social skills, improve confidence and stimulate an interest in books and stories. In each StorySack there is a guide for parents which contains a contents list for you to ensure these wonderful resources are kept intact.

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