Visits and visitors

To enhance our curriculum and provide a rich variety of learning experiences for the children, we enjoy a wide range of visitors to the nursery. These visits are funded by your school fund contributions. Times and dates of these visits can be found on our 'Calendar' page. We will share pictures of these visits on our Seesaw app so that you can chat together with your child about the exciting experiences they have been enjoying in nursery.


Our children's yoga sessions incorporate simple stretching and movement, songs, games and a gentle relaxation to finish. All sessions will be led by Ms McQuillan who is a fully qualified Children's Yoga teacher. Yoga offers children the opportunity to:

  •  Enhance physical flexibility and core strength
  •  Refine balance and co-ordination
  •  Develop focus and concentration
  •  Boost self-esteem and confidence

Jo Jingles - Music and Percussion Programme.

This interactive musical programme has been developed by experienced Early Years teachers and helps to promote:

  • Communication & Language skills
  • Listening skills
  • Numeracy skills
  • Physical capability
  • Creativity & imagination
  • Memory
  • Personal social & emotional development

The Gathering Drum

Joe introduces a selection of percussion instruments and African drums to give the children the opportunity to explore rhythm and movement in this fun, interactive session. He teaches the children different musical concepts as they join in the drum beat along with popular nursery rhymes and stories.

Mr Hullabaloo

Mr Hullabaloo is an exciting, interactive storytelling experience which uses puppets, props and a little fairy-tale magic to bring stories to life! Each show is cleverly linked with the nursery curriculum to enhance the children's learning experiences.


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